The Bizarre Story of How One University Professor “Tricked” Mother Nature into Giving Him a Hidden, Self-Renewing Supply of Fresh Meat, Produce, and Water...

Hello, my name is Richard Grey and in this short presentation…

I’m going to tell you the strange but true story...

Of how one of world’s foremost experts in third-world poverty accidentally stumbled onto a “micro farming” method so ingenious

It has the power to provide every family in America with a self-replenishing supply of fresh meat, nutritious vegetables, and pure, clean drinking water.

Developed for some of the world’s most dangerous warzones and crisis hot spots...places where innocent families are tragically murdered just for hiding food from the army, and even their hungry neighbors

This “secret farm” has been specifically designed to be setup and operational in under three hours

Takes up only a few square feet of space...

And is completely undetectable to those who don’t know it exists.

Your neighbors could be standing right in your backyard, and they’d never realize that they’re just a few steps away from a hidden Noah’s Arc…

Something that can keep your family well-fed, fully nourished, and filled with healthy energy both during the crucial first few days following a natural disaster…and for the decades that could follow a total collapse.   

Sounds impossible? I thought so too, until the first time I saw it in action with my own two eyes.

And inside this short presentation, I will not only show you the proof that this automated micro-farm works flawlessly…

I’ll even give you the instructions you need to build it for yourself TODAY…so that it’s fully operational within the next 24 hours.

In fact, I’m willing to guarantee that if you stick with me for the next five minutes…

You will go to sleep tonight filled with an overwhelming feeling of confidence, because you’ll know that even in the most terrifying collapse or disaster…

Everything you need to protect your loved ones from thirst, starvation, and the violent individuals and organizations that could target any family they suspect of having precious food…

Is discreetly hidden in your own backyard, or your apartment closet, right in arms reach.  

Even if you only have a few square feet of backyard space to work with, or live in an apartment…

Or don’t think you could take care of a houseplant…

Or have never built anything before with your own two hands.

And if it all sounds too good to be true, don’t worry: so did 24,615 other American patriots just like you...until they tried it for themselves

People like Kevin Crouch of Salem, Oregon, who writes:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

“When I first stumbled onto your website and watched your video presentation, I was extremely skeptical. There are just so many people on the web making all kinds of promises, and it seems like most of them are more concerned with the health of their wallet than with the true safety of American families.

But after following the instructions you provided in your video, and setting up this system in my small backyard, I’ve become a total convert. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to know that I have a discreet supply of fresh meet and clean water hidden five steps from my patio, or that my family now has the essential resources needed to survive any disaster situation. Thank you!”

Kevin Crouch

And Tommy Saleh of Winterhaven, Arizona, who says:

“Living in the desert, I’ve always been afraid that if our drinking water was contaminated, or the grid crashed, my wife and I would be in serious trouble. Fresh water’s not exactly bountiful out here, and it’s not easy storing a supply of food and water in 110 degree summers. That’s why the video on your website has been a life-changer. Let me know how I can help you get this out there to as many people as possible.”  

Tommy Saleh

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Now I’m going to give you all of the details about how this micro-farm works, and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to set it up for yourself …

But first, let me quickly share with you who I am, and how I came to discover the secret system that may keep your family 100% self-sufficient in times of crisis, even as those around you could possibly succumb to gnawing hunger and thirst.  

So like I said, my name is Richard Grey, and I’m a third generation farmer living in California’s Imperial Valley.

Specifically, our farm is located next to the Salton Sea, on the outskirts of a town called Salton City.

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one: Salton City is one of the most depressing, difficult places to live in the entire country.

Temperatures in the valley frequently rise to over 100 degrees

The rate of unemployment is around 27%...

We’re often called the “Meth Production Capital of the Southwest”

And the average income is $16,000, which makes us one of the poorest towns in the entire state of California.

Plus, we’ve also been in one of the worst droughts in the history of the Southwestern United States…

So bad, in fact, that a few years ago the bureaucrats in the state capital signed a piece of legislation that diverts all of the water from the Colorado River away from the Salton Sea…

And directly to the mega-metropolises of San Diego and Los Angeles.

With the swipe of a pen, our town was practically cut off from any fresh water, and placed an airtight chokehold around our throats, and our futures.

Now given how desperate the situation is, you may be wondering why I’d ever raise a family in a place like this…

But the truth is, things weren’t always so terrible…

In the 1950s, the Salton Sea was supposed to be the “California Riviera.”

It was an oasis in the harsh desert landscape…and families flocked from across the country to its quaint sandy shores.

Here’s a postcard from the 50s I recently found at the Salton Sea History Museum:

And check this picture out:

That’s Guy Lombardo, Jerry Lewis, and Frank Sinatra all posing for a picture after a day of yachting out on the water.

But those were better times…

Today the drought has desolated our once beautiful community so badly that we farmers simply can’t grow our crops.

And the pollution runoffs from farms further north - ones that stretch thousands of acres and that are owned by companies like Monsanto…

Have poisoned our once bountiful sea so badly that that no only one single species of fish remains in the entire body of water…and they’re dying off at a record rate too.

Here’s what our sea looks like today…

Here’s what our fish population looks like…

And here’s the view of the middle of town…

In a lot of ways, the Salton Sea is a microcosm of what happens when the government breaks down, rule of law disappears, and chaos takes over.  

So it should be easy to see why three years ago, I made the difficult decision to let my farm die.

And to use what precious water there was left to create a small garden right outside our house, something that would produce just enough food for my family to survive…

My wife Susan and daughter Sarah quickly grew tired of eating nothing but a handful of vegetables three times a day…

But at least they had food in their stomachs…

Until, that is, the fateful night when we suddenly had our last chance at independence snatched out from right under us.

It happened so fast…

I was asleep in bed, next to Susan, when I heard a loud crash outside the window.

Not knowing what was happening, I grabbed my rifle from the closet and charged right into the black night.

But it was too late…

Shining my flashlight around the yard, I saw that my worst nightmare had come true.

The small but thriving garden I’d planted lay complete bare. All of my fresh fruits and vegetables had been picked clean, and almost every plant had been trampled over in the intruder’s hasty escape.

All it took was ten minutes for the only food source that my family had left to be completely demolished.

Leaving me completely helpless to provide for my wife and daughter.

Now I don’t know if it was another starving farmer who committed the theft…or some meth head who thought he could sell the vegetables for money, or what..

But I do know that I hope you never have to experience the way it feels to know that you’ve failed the ones who you love the most…and who most depend on you to keep them safe.

It’s like being punched directly in the solar plexus, except the feeling doesn’t go away…it stays aching for days…

After that night, I had no choice but to start using what little money I had left to buy “groceries” from the one convenience store still open in our town…

Nitrates filled beef jerky…six month old potato chips…even snickers bars…

Not only did these snacks quickly add up in price, they contained hardly any nutrition whatsoever…

Imagine looking at your starving seven-year old daughter and noticing that her skin has taken on an odd, pale shade of yellow…

Or cringing when you see that that your wife’s eyes are beginning to sink into her skull…and that her rib cage is starting to poke through her t-shirt…

And having nothing to give them but another handful of stale Planters Peanuts.

It was obvious I was fighting a battle I couldn’t win…and I told my wife and daughter that we were going to have to abandon our property and head for Flagstaff, Arizona, to live with my cousin and his wife…

It made me sick to know that I would be completely mooching off relatives…showing up at their front door like beggars with nothing but three hungry mouths and whatever clothes would fit in the cab of my truck…

But it just didn’t seem like there was any other choice.

That is – until I read the newspaper article that would change my life…and that would eventually change the lives of more than 24,600 other American’s just like me…

It was five days before we planned to leave, and I was back in the grocery store buying a package of Lunchables for Susan and Sarah to split…

As I waited in line at the counter, I grabbed a copy of our local newspaper, the Imperial Valley Press, and began leafing through it… when something on the third page caught my eye.

It was a photograph of an old looking man who had a receding hairline but the most alive eyes I’d ever seen.

And directly below that photo there was a story about how he, and a small team of researchers, had developed a breakthrough method for producing a self-renewing supply of fresh food and water…something they planned to use in the world’s most dangerous countries...places where local militias and gangs had a monopoly on food…and the citizens were starving.

According to the interview with the man, whose name was Professor F. W. Craven, this system could run in any climate – from a frozen tundra to a barren desert…

Only required a few square feet of space to set up…

And needed only a few gallons of water to operate.

Most incredibly of all, his team were doing it all right in the Imperial Valley, about 15 minutes from where I lived.

My pulse began to race as I thought about the implications.

If I could build this entire thing in a space about the size of a closet…

Then perhaps I could use it to provide nutritious food and water for my family, even during a terrible drought…and even keep it concealed so that looters, starving neighbors, or violent drug addicts would have no idea it was there…

So the following day I drove across town to find this professor. I knew it was a long shot, but when you’re desperate enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to protect your family…

Looking back now, it almost feels like a dream…

Me pulling up the driveway to the small one-story brick house that looked nothing like a research lab…

Me knocking on the front door and telling the graying old man who answered my entire story – how my family was starving…how we were out of money…how we were out of hope…

Me staring dumbly as that same graying old man led me out to his backyard, a space that was about the size of an SUV…and where I saw nothing but some colorful flowers, a few bushes, and four small boxes chucked in a corner…

THIS is supposed to hold the key to providing a permanent supply of fresh food and drinking water to the world’s most impoverished countries?

I was confused.

Then I was ANGRY as what Professor Craven said to me next sounded like the most bald-faced lie I’d ever heard:

"Through more than 14 years of research and testing, we’ve made this system incredibly efficient. In fact, in the next year this single micro-farm will yield 1500 duck and chicken eggs, 12,500 quail eggs, 210lbs of duck meat, 230lbs of chicken meat, 175lbs of rabbit meat, 120 lbs of juicy tomatoes, 30 lbs of bell peppers, and 110 lbs of cucumbers. And those are just the vegetables I’ve chosen to grow - you can easily grow pretty much any produce you want to eat with it. It will also provide gallons of purified drinking water to a family during emergency.

But the most important thing is that it costs almost nothing to build, and less than $3000 to get everything you need. And once set it up and let it run, you’ll most likely never have to spend another dime on food and water again.”

My jaw dropped and I stared at Professor Craven like he was a lying idiot. He stared back at me like I was a man who just didn’t get it.

“It’s obvious you don’t believe me,” he said. “That’s okay – I actually get that a lot.”

And with that, he launched into the incredible explanation of how this Holy Grail in self-sufficiency works.

Professor Craven’s system is essentially just a mirror of what already happens in nature.

In any healthy ecosystem, the waste of one creature turns into food for others – everything is conserved and nothing is wasted.

Take for example rabbits living in the wild. Their waste feeds the plants...the plants grow and feed the rabbits. It's a self-sustaining system where everyone benefits.

As Professor Craven was telling me this, he walked over to one of the boxes in the corner and opened it. "Look.” It wasn't just an old box. It housed 4 chickens inside it. I told him that I was surprised that there were no sounds at all.

"Well, there's a trick to soundproofing the box so that you will not hear any sounds...nobody will know that you are keeping all these animals here."

"I keep 5 types of animals here...Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Quails and Fish. You don't need all of these if you don't want to...the system is modular...meaning that if you just decide to rear fish, or just can do so while remaining self-sufficient.”

Next, the professor took me back inside to his study and pulled out a large piece of drafting paper. On it was a blueprint showing me exactly how everything works.

In Professor Craven’s system, all the animals are comfortably housed in soundproof boxes...

Using a few pieces of inexpensive piping and some water, the animal waste gets transported to the vegetable garden, where it works as an extremely potent fertilizer.

As the water passes through the rock bed that lines his vegetable garden, it’s naturally purified…

And then cycled into the fish tank - although some of it can also be diverted to containers for clean drinking water during an emergency.

Finally, the fish waste is pumped out of the tank and back to the vegetable garden…

Oh yeah plus, the vegetables can be used to feed those animals I mentioned at the start.

In other words, this “mad professor” had created a zero-waste system for growing fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables…

While discreetly raising as many small animals as you want, providing a supply of fresh meat and protein rich eggs.

Once Professor Craven explained it to me, it made a lot of sense.

But I still did have one major nagging question:

Why was the professor obsessed with making his food and water production system so discreet?

The answer, it turns out, is that he had developed this self-replenishing “micro farm,” for some of the world’s most war-torn places. Rural villages in countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan…

The tragic fact of the matter is that in violent places like these, tribal warlords have a monopoly on all food coming in and out of the villages…

They’ll routinely steal food from the local villagers to feed their own armies…

Even if it meant leaving innocent and helpless local families to starve.

So if the professor was going to start testing his system by providing it to a few villagers, it was VITAL that the guerilla armies and warlords didn’t know it existed.

I thought back to my farm, and how our fruits and vegetables had been taken in the night…probably by some formerly honest farmer who had been forced to steal to keep his children from starving.

I thought about how my situation now was exactly the same one that millions of American families would find themselves in if rising food costs caused the food system to collapse…

Or the government broke down and bloody anarchy spilled out into the streets…

Or even if there was another major disaster like Katrina.

And I realized that Professor Craven’s system was something every single American needed to know about if they wanted to keep their family’s both fed, and safe from desperate starving looters when stuff hits the fan.

That was of course, if it really worked as advertised. And fortunately, I knew just the family to test it on… MINE.

So the very next day, and with the generous help of Professor Craven, I went to work building the system in my own backyard.

It took us all of an hour to gather the materials we needed: the biggest items on the list were just a few square feet of mesh-wire, some scraps of wood, some inexpensive PVC piping, a handful of rocks, and a plastic tub.

Professor Craven also showed me a website online (which I’ll tell you about later) where I was able to have 25 young Tilapia shipped overnight to my house for less than $100.

And to get a jumpstart, I stopped by a friend’s farm and bought some vegetable plants, six young hens and a rooster off of him for $7 each.

Now I chose hens and roosters because I’m comfortable with raising them, but when you’re building this for yourself, you can pick and choose any small animals that you want.

And I chose to grab some vegetable plants that were already grown because my family was starving and time was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

But if you follow the instructions I’m about to give you, and build your own self-renewing food and water source today…before a disaster strikes or things spiral out of control…then you can just as easily plant seeds and give them time to grow on their own.

Well anyways, the total cost of materials, plants, and animals was $210, which I found to be shockingly cheap…

And even more surprising was the fact that total, we had Professor Craven’s entire system completely built and functional in less than two hours time.

It was all so easy – just screwing and hammering some pieces together, laying down some wiring, pouring some soil…if you know how to use a screwdriver, you can set it problem at all.

My daughter Sarah even had a great time giving us a hand: I hadn’t heard her laugh or seen her smile so much in probably a year, and it felt really good to be showing her how to be self-reliant.

Within a week, my hens were producing an average of 6 eggs per day: enough for me, Susan, and Sarah to each have two protein rich and fresh eggs every morning for breakfast.

After a month eating nothing but convenience store snacks…those eggs were one of the most heavenly things we’d ever tasted…

For the Tilapia, I just put them into the tub and let the nutrient rich water from the plants feed them.

Now remember: I only ordered twenty-five fish, which may not seem like enough to feed a family…

But just one female Tilapia will lay over 2,000 eggs…which means that in the near future, you’ll have more fresh, juicy fish than you could ever eat.

That’s actually a good thing though, because those extra eggs can be used to provide nutrition for your chickens, rabbits, quail, and other small animals – and they also make a great fertilizer.

In fact, that’s what makes Professor Craven’s system so amazing. Every single component compliments the others. The animals fertilize the garden, the garden feeds the fish – the fish fertilize the plants and feed the animals…it’s the perfect, self-contained Garden of Eden…

And it all took less than $210, and less than two hours of time, to build…

Plus, because the piping hides odor…and the boxes are soundproofed using Professor Craven’s secret method, a stranger would simply NEVER know that my backyard was now a life-giving oasis…even if they were two feet away.

Within a month, the system was producing enough food to provide my family with three meals per day: and I’m talking three REAL meals: fresh salads, fresh fish filets, cooked chicken breasts - you name it…

The only time we had to add water was when we drank some of the filtered water from the rock bed of the garden…which wasn’t that often.

But it sure was comforting to know that if there was an utter disaster, and water became hard to come by – we would have fresh clean drinking water at our disposal…

And that we could take several gallons of it without any risking of disrupting our micro-farm’s little self-contained ecosystem.

It was so incredible to see my wife and daughter go to sleep each night with a full stomach…to see Sarah’s skin color go from a sick yellow to a flush, healthy glow…to see my wife return to a normal weight – and to see her ribcage no longer stick out of her shirt…

To know that I had the power to keep my family nourished, safe, and completely self-reliant. To not have to beg for food, or ask the government for handouts, or put a burden on others because I couldn’t provide for my loved ones and had hungry mouths to feed…

And to know that even in one of the most desolate, worst towns in the world…a place that already looks like it’s in the aftermath of some apocalyptic collapse because it IS…we could not only survive…but THRIVE

I thought about all of the other honest, fundamentally good, but desperately vulnerable American families out there whose lives may one day be saved by this system…

Preppers and those who are focused on preparing for a disaster… folks who probably already have an emergency food and water supply, and who don’t realize how easy it is for their stockpile to be stolen…or looted…when stuff hits the fan.

If there’s a serious disaster…or the food system collapses…or even if the government crumbles and local militias or rabid mobs take to ruling the streets…

The FIRST thing that those in power are going to do is seize all of the food they can.

It’s what happened in the Soviet Union when the communists seized control…and in China when Mao rose to power, and in Cuba after Castro’s coup…and even more recently in Venezuela after Chavez declared a state of socialism.  

And it’s the exact same thing that may happen here in the U.S. when stuff hits the fan. In fact, a 2012 Executive Order signed by Obama dictates that all emergency food stockpiles be handed over to FEMA during a disaster or crisis, and their definition of both those terms is chillingly broad…

When things get bad… the government and looters alike will probably go house-to-house… they’ll most likely search your cellar... your basement… they may even look in your storage sheds.

But what they’re NOT going to do is give one second-glance to a few “empty” boxes scattered across your backyard.

And the more I thought about this, the more I realized I had a fundamental duty to teach you how to build Professor Craven’s system for yourself…

Because this isn’t just about having fresh food, or water…it’s about SAVING YOUR LIFE.

Which is why I went to Professor Craven and begged him to create an instructional video that outlines everything you need to know to get your own system up and running.

And he flat out refused.

He was afraid putting this information out to the American public could threaten his chances of getting the funding he needed to bring it to desperate families in places that are being ravaged by war.

He told me that this was his life’s work…his masterpiece…his fundamental contribution to humanity…

And that sharing it with the world too early could put it all in jeopardy.

But I persisted. I called or visited him every single day. I asked him why he was okay with bringing his revolutionary system to the world’s poorest places, but not with giving it to his friends, his neighbors, or his fellow patriots?

That last point finally broke him down, until he eventually agreed to share it.

Hearing him say “yes” was one of the most exciting and rewarding moments of my life...

We spent the following weekend shooting the videos, and several more days to edit the film and add subtitles to make it easier to understand.

The final videos are really something: when you watch them, you’ll feel like you’re looking right over my shoulder…building the system with me in real time. But of course, you can always pause, rewind, or even watch what I’m doing in slow motion!

It took us 3 more weeks to come up with complete accompanying document outlining every step required. I had to make sure that there is no "academic mumbo jumbo" and that everyone who has passed 3rd grade could understand it.

But it was worth the time I invested a thousand times over, because the end result is nothing short of amazing…

A step-by-step "look over my shoulders" video guide that anyone can use to make their own self-contained food producing system cheaply, quickly, and easily.

We called it the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" program...and even though the system was really simple for me to build…

I needed some definitive proof that ANYONE could use the program to create their own completely hidden, completely self-automated food factory in their backyard without any trouble...and achieve complete food and water independence in just a few short weeks.

So I went online and talked to some preparedness website owners who had decent readership base...and got their permission to send the first version of the system to a select few of their subscribers to obtain feedback.

Here are some of their comments:

Joe from Little Rock, Arkansas says:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

"I'm 73 this year, and I thought I was too old to set up anything like this. Plus I was never handy with tools.

When I watched the program, I thought it looked really easy. I thought to myself, let's give it a try. I went to the local hardware store to obtain the parts, and took me just an hour to set up the basic system. The system pretty much runs's perfect for older folks like us because there is almost no work involved. I'm going to recommend this to all my friends. Thank you for letting us know such a solution existed! "

Joe, Arkansas

Susan from Lansing, Michigan writes in and says:

"I live in a small apartment, and I believed that it's almost impossible to grow your own food without a garden.

I'm delighted that this system has proven me wrong. My system is just next to my kitchen stove, and it's really convenient to take food out of the's literally like going into your own "grocery store" and pick what you want without paying!"

Susan, Michigan

Robert from Northridge, California says:

"I lived on a farm when I was younger, and honestly I thought this was genius. My main problem with farming is that it takes time to clear the waste, plus it's really smelly. What most people don't know is that most of the animal stench actually comes from the waste. This system clears up the waste immediately by flushing them away (like a toilet) so there is practically no smell. I built my own system, and already I'm saving hundreds of dollars a month on food."

Robert, California

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

And that's just a tiny taste of the emails I received...As I write this today, more than 24,000 Americans have now used the video guide, and step-by-step blueprints we created to build Self Sufficiency Shortcuts for themselves.

Imagine - $210 for a system that only takes 5 minutes per day to maintain because it runs almost entirely on autopilot...for a lifetime of healthy, cheap and nutritious the security of having gallons of purified water on-demand…even in an emergency.

It's probably the quickest and easiest way to gain complete self-sufficiency in the world....

Even if you have never picked up a screwdriver in your life, even if you think you are too old or not smart enough to set this up...We'll show you step-by-step, what to to find the parts for cheap (or even free) to assemble the parts - everything.

As long as you understand how to turn that screwdriver, play a video, and passed 3rd grade can build and set up this system no problem.

When you grab the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" program, you'll discover:

How to set the entire system up and running...even if you don't have a backyard or don't have a lot of space. (hint: It's possible to stack things vertically)

Tips and tricks on setting up different modules of the that if you only want fish, or only want don't need to implement the whole system. You have the freedom to 'mix and match'.

The secrets to soundproofing your entire system so that there is absolutely no noise. In a usual farm, chickens may produce a lot of noise, but this little trick blocks out virtually all of the sound. Plus, an additional benefit is that animals will be kept warm with the it doesn't matter if you live in a cold region.

And, how to keep your new food generating micro-farm cool during the hottest summer months…even if you live in the Mojave desert…and without using any electricity.

Some parts of the system can be substituted with alternatives that are dirt cheap (or almost free!). For example, you don't need an expensive fish tank if you want to keep fishes...inside you'll discover the perfect alternative that costs less than twenty bucks and works just as well.

I’ll show you how to make the setup completely that even if someone walks into your backyard...they wouldn't realize that you have a food factory there. This is especially important if you have visitors frequently and don't want to attract any attention.

And that's just the video…

Because I want to make this as easy as possible for you, and also because some of you may prefer to read rather than watching videos, you’re also going to receive a detailed instruction manual with pictures, a follow-along quickstart guide and step-by-step project completion “cheat sheet.”

The companion manual goes hand in hand with the videos. Not only that, in the workbook, you'll get step-by-step illustrated instructions so that you can keep them handy while you are working.

Plus, you'll get the cheat sheets so you can mark down your dimensions and costs and ensure that you're doing the proven "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" the right way.

Here's my promise to you:

Simply follow the program, and you'll be amazed at how easily you're able to set up your very own "backyard food factory.” It should take less than 3 hours, and give you an assortment meats and vegetables virtually on autopilot.

You'll be shocked at how much of food it can produce, and how easy it is to have gallons of crystal clear, filtered drinking water “on demand” if you need it.  

Plus, while the system was designed to be COMPLETELY UNDETECABLE by those who you don’t want to know about it…

It’s also very portable...meaning that if a disaster hits, you can put the system in your vehicle and move to your bug out location easily. That makes it perfect for if you need a source of food and water and staying at home just simply isn’t possible.

Professor Craven’s system saved my family’s life.

Which is why I truly believe that I have a moral duty to share Self Sufficiency Shortcuts, along with the easy to follow video guides, to as many American’s as I possibly can.

So I’m going to tell you exactly how you can get it for yourself and your loved ones in just a second.

But you know what? Just to prove how much I care about you and your family, I want to be really generous here and give you 5 fast action bonuses just for "trying out" the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" system. You can't get this deal anywhere else, only right here if you want to join the program today. The risk is completely on me...because these fast action bonuses are yours FREE even if you decide that Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts isn't for you.

Fast Action Bonus #1: Animal Lifesavers.

Fast Action Bonus #1

Animal Lifesavers

Did you know that rabbit fat is anti-bacterial...and that in a disaster scenario, if you don't have medications on hand, you can use it to effectively heal cuts and wounds?? Animals have a lot more uses than just for meat and eggs, and Animal Lifesavers will give you little-known ways that the animals you have can save your life.

This special report is sold separately for $17.

Fast Action Bonus #2 Speed Breeding Secrets

Fast Action Bonus #2

Speed Breeding Secrets

With this special report, you'll be able to get more out of your system. Farmers discovered that there are certain plants foods that will accelerate the growth of the animals, giving you more meat to put on your family's table. Just follow the simple methods inside, and you’ll double your output almost immediately.

This special report is also sold separately for $17.

Fast Action Bonus #3 The Complete Guide To Canning And Preserving Food

Fast Action Bonus #3

The Complete Guide To Canning And Preserving Food

In this special report, you'll discover how to preserve meat and that they can last for a long time (sometimes even more than a year)...without relying on refrigeration. Just start small with this system, because it will quickly give you more food than you can even consume.

This special report is sold separately for $12.95.

Fast Action Bonus #4: Square Foot Potato Production

Fast Action Bonus #4

The Complete Guide To Canning And Preserving Food

You need carbohydrates in your diet, and potatoes are a great source.

This special report will show you how you can grow more than 100 lbs of potato a just 4 square feet of space. Sounds impossible? Not if you use the "reed layering" method I'm about to show you.

This special report is sold separately for $29.00.

Fast Action Bonus #5: 24/7 Personal Email Support For An Entire Year

Fast Action Bonus #5

24/7 Personal Email Support For An Entire Year

If you didn't purchase via this video, you'll just get 2 months's worth of email access. But if you take action today, I'll upgrade your 2 months to a full year of email access to me and Professor Craven. Ask us any questions regarding setting up the system.

I understand that no matter how hard I work to make sure that the program is the most easy-to-complete system it can be...there will always be those times where folks have a questions or specific situations.

That’s why I’ve gotten Professor Craven to agree to partner with me and provide you with an unlimited 24/7 support for an entire 365 Days.

So if you ever feel like you’re stuck, or you’re not sure what to do…or even if you have an idea for a modification and want to run it by Professor Craven to get his thoughts…

All you have to do is send us an email and we’ll get back to you immediately with a clear and detailed answer to your question.

Because the professor was hesitant to commit to making himself available for 24/7 support for an entire year…he insisted that we ask people who wanted this option to pay an additional $249.

But during this time, when we’re trying to make an extremely strong push to get Self Sufficiency Shortcuts into as many hands as possible…

He’s agreed to give those who test drive the program today an extremely sweet deal... and provide you the entire year of support absolutely free..

Okay, so by this point you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get started…

Until now, there’s never been a way to get your hands on these blueprints…or to be shown in step-by-step fashion how to set up the system for yourself…unless you were a university professor or graduate student.

And there’s really nothing like this in the world – which is why Professor Craven could soon receive a  multi-million dollar grant to start rolling it out to conflict filled countries across the globe.

Nonprofits and government agencies alike have now seen just how powerful Self Sufficiency Shortcuts is, they know it works, and they know that it can save millions of lives.

Of course, using Professor Craven’s program isn’t your only option when it comes to having a fresh food supply…you could setup a garden in your backyard.

But in an emergency or survival situation…having a garden is like standing out on your front porch and screaming to looters and hungry mobs that you have lots of food…and that they should come onto your property and help themselves.

You could also build this system for yourself based on what I mentioned in this video. You’ve seen how the setup works now, and if you feel comfortable making this on your own without any further help then please do! I can't emphasize how important it is to have such a system producing food and water for you and your family in a crisis. It's a lifesaver.

But why go through the hassle of planning everything and having the possibility of making one tiny mistake that renders the whole system inoperable...

Wouldn’t it be easier to just get the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" program today ...and have us show you every little detail in easy to read blueprints and step-by-step videos that you can watch and replay as many times as you want?

How much is it worth to you to know that no matter what happens in the coming weeks, months, or years…whether it’s a natural disaster that floods bacteria into the drinking water…or an EMP that wipes out the grid…or even a collapse in the U.S. Food system…

Your family will have stuffed stomachs full of nutritious food at all times…even as those around you go hungry…

And even as outside your home your neighbors begin attacking neighbors for just one clean glass of water.

Professor Craven and I set the regular retail price of the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" to $297...which everyone has been telling us is far too cheap. After all, that’s already less than it costs the average family for a month’s worth of groceries.

And with this system…you’ll be setup to generate enough fresh and delicious food to feed your family for life…and without ever having to spend another dime.

That means even in the short-term, or if you’re blessed and your loved ones aren’t affected by a disaster – whether natural or manmade – you’ll still be able to save between $3,000 and $5,000 per year on groceries.

So I really do think that at $297, Self Sufficiency Shortcuts is worth every single penny…

But like I keep saying, this has nothing to do with money…and everything to do with keeping your family protected.

And because I want to get Self Sufficiency Shortcuts out there to as many Americas as possible…today I’m not even going to ask you to pay HALF of the $297 retail price.

You see, Professor Craven has agreed to let me give away his entire system to visitors of this website “at cost.”

Which means if you’re willing to “step-up” and take control of your family’s security by providing them with a lifetime supply of fresh food…and an on-demand supply of fresh drinking water…even during a devastating disaster…

Then we’re willing to “step-up” too and... for action takers today... hand over all of the video guides, the easy to follow blueprints a hugely discounted price…the extremely important bonuses not available anywhere else, and even a whole year’s access to 24/7 support…

For just a small one time investment of $69.00... You can get the complete program at the current price only if you act right now by clicking the "Buy Now" button Below.

But hold on, I'm not done yet. Here's why it's basically free. Actually better than free. Listen, I want you to feel 100% confident about grabbing the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" today. That's why you'll be protected by my 365 Days "Delighted Or You Don't Pay" Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

Simply click the "Buy Now" Button below...You'll be brought to our secure order page that looks like this.

Fill in your payment details and you'll have immediate access to all you need to set up the system. Watch the videos, read the manuals.

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied, at ANY time during the next 365 days, simply let me know by sending me an email located at the top of the member's area.

We’ll promptly initiate a refund within within 24 hours. Because I personally don't believe that I deserve your money unless I overdeliver on my promises and unless you get astonishing results.

Plus, I know from experience (well over 23,000 folks who have used the system) and seen their monthly expenses drop like a rock...If you are like most folks, you'll be shocked at how much money you are saving. The system will more than pay for itself the very first month you use it.

Look, if you want to take advantage of this huge discounted pricing, and the free support, and even the money back guarantee, it’s vital that you act now.

The professor is an extremely busy man, and every time another American takes control of their destiny by choosing to build the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts system for themselves…it takes up even more of Craven’s time.

Which is why he’s only agreed to let me giveaway his system “at cost”, but I can’t say for how long...

So if you come back to this presentation tomorrow, or next week, there’s a very real chance you’ll be asked to pay the full $297 – there’s simply nothing I can do about it.

Right now, you need to make a decision that it will affect your independence, your security, and the safety of your family for years to come. And when you think about really only have 3 options.

Your first option is to do nothing. This video will be over in just a few seconds, and you could just leave the site and go on with your day. Obviously that choice is yours, and it’s not something I can make for you…

But before you leave, think about what will happen a week, month, or year from now when the unimaginable happens and disaster strikes…

Will your family be truly food independent…will any emergency stockpile you have be safely hidden from government agencies or looters…will you have enough clean drinking water to survive for several weeks or longer?

And if the answer is no…or even if you’re not sure…wouldn’t you regret not taking this one simple action today…and trying out Self Sufficiency Shortcuts for a full year, and completely risk free?

That brings us to the second option, which is to take what you discovered today and figure out everything by yourself. If you can then great...but most of us prefer a proven expert like Professor Craven showing us every single detail.

And then there is the third option. Let ME take all the risk for you. Do what over 24,000 folks have already done, grab your copy of the "Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts" right now, and try it completely risk free.

By joining us today you’ll ensure you avoid common mistakes...and you'll be able to quickly implement a system that will not only protect your loved ones, but even save you money on groceries right from the first month….while potentially slashing your grocery bill by more than $3,000 per year indefinitely...without any painful trial and error.

Choose Option #3 today and gain a limitless supply of fresh food that your family deserves on autopilot, and let us show you how to set it up in less time than it takes to go to the grocery store and back…

Choose Option #3 today and have a contamination-proof supply of clean drinking water that you can access on demand…

Choose Option #3 today and sleep soundly tonight knowing that your family will be provided for even in the worst of times…even when the grocery store shelves are bare and those around you grow desperate in their search for food.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but whatever you decide, you must choose now. This presentation is ending as I speak…and if you return to it later I can’t guarantee the $69 price…or the fast action bonuses (including 1 year of email support with Professor Craven)…will still be here.

Here’s the final thing I’ll leave you with, and it’s something you already know inside your heart:

Self Sufficiency Shortcuts isn't really about having “food and water.” It's about taking care of your family. For me, there's no better feeling in the world than knowing that no matter what happens...if there's a hurricane and the stores are empty, or a dirty bomb contaminates the water supply, or an EMP causes the grid to go down...

I have the peace of mind of knowing my completely hidden, completely self-replenishing “micro-farm” will still be running on autopilot…ensuring that my wife and little girl are radiantly healthy and well-fed.  

That's why I'm so passionate about getting this simple system into your hands you can finally know that no matter what happens, your families most vital needs are covered.

But I can only help you if you take action right now.

There are only 10 seconds left until this presentation ends. Make the only real decision there is and click the “Buy now” button you see below.  

I can't wait to hear from you after you have gone through the program, and find out how quick, easy and cheap it is to become self sufficient in just a few square feet of space.

Thank you for listening to my presentation. See you on the other side.

Get it now for $69.00

Still here?

That’s okay, it’s actually pretty common for folks to have some questions after watching this presentation.

So let me do my best to answer some of those most common questions I get asked…

1. Does Self Sufficiency Shortcuts really, truly run on autopilot?

The answer is yes, it really does. The reason is that Professor Craven designed the entire system to mirror what already happens in nature.

Here’s a reminder of exactly how the system works:

  1. You have a small, completely hidden coop with whatever small animals you’d like
  2. Using water, the waste is transported into a small garden through inexpensive piping.
  3. The waste water fertilizes the vegetables, then drains through the rock bed where it is purified.
  4. That purified water goes into the fish tank, and can also be used as clean drinking water.
  5. Waste from the fish tank is then flushed back into the garden, where the vegetables can both be consumed, and used to feed your animals.

As you can see, the system is entirely self-contained.

The only time you’ll spend on the system is collecting your fresh meat and produce, or adding some fresh water to the system if you happen to use a lot of it for drinking water.

2. What kind of food can I reasonably expect to produce from this system?

Your total yield will be dependent on the size of your micro farm, but typically even a few square feet can be enough to produce enough fresh eggs, fish, and other meat…as well as enough garden vegetables…to provide a family of four with three full meals per day.

3. A chicken coop is loud and smelly. How’s it possible that you can have live animals, not to mention fish…and have it be completely hidden from plain view?

Because Self Sufficiency Shortcuts was developed for some of the most dangerous places in the world…it was VITAL that the professor make it undetectable.

That’s why he spent years coming up with a patent-pending new method for soundproofing the boxes where the animals are kept.

It’s also why he developed the system so that the inexpensive piping that transfers the waste completely hides all odors.

4. What do I get when I invest in the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts program?

You'll get the

  • Step by step video guide on how to build your Self Sufficiency Shortcuts system.
  • Companion manuals and quick start guides
  • And for a limited time only, if you order'll also get:

  • Animal Lifesavers
  • Speed Breeding Secrets
  • The Complete Guide To Canning And Preserving Food
  • Square Foot Potato Production
  • 24/7 Personal Email Support With Professor Craven For An Entire Year

5. What happens if I get stuck?

Of the 24,615 people who have already decided to take control of their food-independence and protect their families…less than 1% ever have any issues with building the system.

We like to say that if you can twist a screwdriver, you can build this thing, and we’re not kidding.

That being said, we’re also including an entire year of 24/7 support with your investment today.

So if you do happen to have a question or want some guidance, all you have to do is email us using the link we provide in your member’s portal, and either myself or Professor Craven will get back to you right away.

6. What happens if I change my mind about this, or your program doesn’t work as promised?

To date Self Sufficiency boasts more than 24,000 happy customers – people who have already build this system for themselves, and who are now using it to slash thousands of dollars off their annual grocery bill…while having an invaluable food supply for if stuff hits the fan.

Now all of that being said, we do want to make sure you are 100% comfortable in your decision to secure Self Sufficiency Shortcuts for yourself and your family.

That’s why we’re covering your investment with a full 365 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

Simply say “maybe” to Professor Craven’s system today. Start checking out the materials in the members area, watch the over-the-shoulder videos, and take a couple hours to build it for yourself.

If after making your decision you change your mind…or aren’t satisfied…simply send us an email and we’ll immediately refund your entire purchase with no questions asked. Plus the guides and bonuses are still yours to keep!

7. Okay, so how do I get started?

Just hit the “Buy Now” button that you see right below this video. The checkout page takes about 30 seconds to complete, and you’ll then have access to all of the materials you need to get started. You'll be covered by our guarantee so it's completely risk free.

So click the Buy Now button below and fill in your payment information on the checkout page. I'll see you on the other side.

Get it now for $69.00